Supanova Brisbane 2009
Friday Preview Night

by Luke Carroll,

Since being added to the Supanova lineup three years ago, the Friday Preview Night has proven itself to be a great way to 'pump up' for the following two long days ahead. This year certainly proved no different with another reasonable crowd attendance and just as much drama and fun being had as there were in previous years. If there's ever a good excuse to purchase a weekend pass, having access to this night might just be it.

Arriving to the venue 45 minutes early it was amazing to already see a cue 100 people strong already lining down the ramp. This only grew with every passing minute as more and more patrons began to trickle in. By the time the doors opened half an hour later, the line up was over twice as long and still growing. Thankfully there was no real issues with moving the crowd in this year and the night began on time without much drama.

After the opening ceremony and greetings it was time for what most people traveled out to attend, the Charity Auction. With Melbourne last weekend topping the highest raised amount over Brisbane's previous total, the task for the audience was clear; raise the bar once again and reclaim the title that was lost. With the opening item going for an astounding $700, the goal of surpassing Melbourne began to seem quite achievable indeed.

After quite a number of astonishingly high bid wars, witty comments on the project screen, and a whole lot of fun, the main part of the auction sadly ended. This however didn't mark the end of the auctioning by a long shot, as soon enough a group of cosplayers lined themselves up on the stage awaiting further instructions. This was the Cosplay Slave Auction, and the prize was half an hour to do whatever you want (PG friendly) with the cosplayer you won. Unsurprisingly, it was the females that achieved the higher bids.

Nevertheless, with a small group of cosplayers on offer the auctioned ended for good not long later. The total raised for the night was an astounding $4630, setting a new record and obliterating Melbourne's generosity last weekend by nearly $800. With a screening of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time next on the schedule though, most, including myself, took this time to leave and begin getting some much needed rest for the long day that awaits everybody ahead.

Friday's Preview Night continues to go from strength to strength every year. The current format has been used twice in succession and I see no reason why it needs to be changed. It gives everybody a taste of what to expect from the weekend ahead and doubles as a fun night out. Supanova is back!

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