Supanova Brisbane 2009

by Luke Carroll,

Sunday has always been the somewhat less crowded day of the two so it was with no surprise that upon arriving two hours early to the event, only a small group of attendees had arrived for the lineup. With the weather surprisingly being nice and sunny, it was assumed by most that the prepaid line would go back to its original position outside the front entrance as had been tradition for many years. Before the line could grow too large however, the prepaid line was instead ushered back to the car park like the previous day and the pay line was split into two sides outside the front entrance. This allowed a much less crowded entrance into the hall as well as providing those who prepaid the bonus of cover from the sun. With the clock hitting ten and the crowd growing to a fairly decent size, we were let up the back entrance and into the hall.

The first event on the schedule was Vic Mignogna's: Anime Mega Star talk. Like the previous day this was set out once again like a Q&A, allowing the fans a chance once again to ask Vic their most desired questions. Also starting at the same time but running for a longer duration was the Anime Dubbing Session, a new event to Supanova's lineup. Receiving a small attendance, this event allowed patrons the chance to dub their own voices over an anime. With an episode each from Ouran High School Host Club, Cowboy Bebop and FLCL playing as well as periodic changes in participants, it proved to be quite the crowd pleaser with many memorable one liners being said by all.

The ever popular Kamehameha Blast-Off followed soon after, proving once again to be a good time for the crowd as contestants ranged from the essential Goku all the way to The Watchmen's Rorschach and even Duffman from The Simpson's. With the event beginning overtime however, the proceedings were unfortunately run through very quick and shortened down to only two rounds rather than the traditional three. With the rush putting everything back into a reasonable time frame, it was time for Madman's Panel with Sly.

Hosted once again by Madman's Assistant Brand Manager, Sylvester Ip, the panel covered Madman's next few months of releases as well as the items that were given at Melbourne last weekend. On top of this, three more title acquisitions were announced to a cheering crowd. After a fairly standard Q&A segment however, it was time for an interesting martial arts performance by Black Dragonfly Clan before MC John Robertson took to the stage for the Cosplay Competition.

As with years prior, this event was a much more fleshed out version of Saturday that allowed cosplayers a chance to do a skit as well as having a short interview with the host. Once again there were some outstanding outfits on display as well as some very humourous skits. The hosting by John was very entertaining along side Jacky's screen comments, however a 'kill the host' gag that appeared earlier at the convention where John would die at the hands of a cosplayer began to take its toll after the first dozen, leading the competition into overtime territory and forcing a much more rushed ending to the proceedings.

By now the final event for the day, Karaoke!! Japan had already kicked off. With most off the crowd either leaving, gathering some last minute sales, or lining up for the premiere Full Metal Alchemist screening that was to follow the convention's closure, the attendance to the event was unfortunately small. Thankfully it finished in reasonable time, with the main section of the convention calling an end to the day's proceedings not long later. For those that weren't ready to leave yet however, it was off to the Madman Anime Theatre for a very special screening.

For many, Supanova had finally drawn to a close. As with last year the convention didn't grow in size, however the staff did attempt a new way to combat the morning lineup. The results from Sunday morning certainly showed potential in it becoming the new standard. With another back to back under their belts, Supanova have certainly began to show that they can handle the extra load wonderfully. With a bigger and better convention no doubt in plan for next year already, do yourself a favour if you're an anime or sci-fi fan and check it out. It's not to be missed.

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