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Anime Expo 2010
Aniplex USA

by Bamboo Dong,

Aniplex kicked off their “Who the Hell Do You Think I Am!?” panel with a reel showing 24 of their past and present titles, ranging from fan favorites like Rurouni Kenshin and Fullmetal Alchemist to more niche titles like Hell Girl. Although Aniplex is a well-known name in the anime industry, they've only recently started releasing titles directly to American fans this past summer, with Gurren Lagann the Movie ~Childhood's End~. Fans of the movie can purchase the 2-disc limited edition at the Aniplex booth in the exhibit hall.

The next movie, Gurren Lagann the Movie ~The Lights in the Sky Are Stars~ will be released on July 30. This will also be available as a regular edition, and a 2-disc limited edition. The limited edition releases of both Gurren Lagann movies include physical extras like postcards, replica movie programs, and disc extras like specially created music videos.

In a subsequent segment of their panel, titled “What the Hell Are We Doing!?”, Aniplex talked about their new US corporate website, and some of their social networking efforts. Amongst those is the Aniplex US Youtube channel, which has full-length episodes available of Miracle Train, R.O.D -The TV-, Ghost Slayers Ayashi, and Toward the Terra. The channel will also have exclusive video content from Japan, like interviews with creators and seiyuu. Currently, fans can watch the first 22 minutes of the feature, Welcome to THE SPACE SHOW, which features Susan Boyle's single, “Who I was Born to Be.”

Aniplex announced that they would be releasing Durarara!! in January 2011. The series will be released in three parts, each with 8-9 episodes on two discs. The English cast will be announced at Otakon. The series can currently be watched online at Crunchyroll.

Update: YouTube link fixed. Thanks, Tim Maloney.

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