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Anime Expo 2011
Right Stuf Inc. & Nozomi Entertainment Industry Panel

by Gia Manry,

Retailer and anime licensee Right Stuf's marketing and PR director Alison Roberts launched the company's panel by showing a video from the company's "dark lord," Shawn Kleckner, who was absent from the convention for the first time. After reviewing recent re-releases, including Gravitation, The Third: Girl with the Blue Eye, and Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars.

Roberts followed up with more recent shows, such as Antique Bakery, Dirty Pair (only recent because it's been remastered), and Junjō Romantica. Next came the lithograph line, which recently added Highschool of the Dead to its line-up, along with Azumanga Daioh and Clannad.

Another video from Kleckner presented upcoming releases, including the second remastered box set of Revolutionary Girl Utena, set for this August. They will announce a date for the third box set "soon." Fans who purchase all three box sets at Right Stuf.com will receive a special gift, which turns out to be a replica of the rose seal ring that Utena wears throughout the series, while supplies remain. It will ship with the third box set. The Sound of the Sky (So-Ra-No-Wo-To) series is currently shipping from Right Stuf and will be available in other stores nexxt week.

Victorian Romance Emma will be bundled into a limited edition DVD bundle, which includes both series, the art boxes, and the booklets that were included in the original releases. Roberts cautioned the audience that this will be the last chance to get those booklets.

Kleckner's video presented another Dirty Pair clip, which turns out to be the Dirty Pair: Affair on Nolandia film, the Project Eden movie, the ten-episode OAV series, and the Flight 005 Conspiracy OAV. Additionally, they will release the 1994 Dirty Pair Flash remastered series. All of this is set for next year. These releases will include the original dubs as well as ADV's later dubs.

Another trailer revealed that they've acquired Sunrise's 1998 mecha anime Gasaraki. Also set for 2012, the series will be released in a complete collection. Following Gasaraki is Martian Successor Nadesico, which has also been remastered and will include the Gekiganger III show-within-a-show OAV.

Before starting the Q&A Roberts responded to a question on Twitter about extras on the Utena releases, stating that fans who didn't get their favorite extra on one of the first two sets may well get it on the third.

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