Sakura-Con 2012
- Closing Ceremonies

by Lynzee Loveridge,

The largest anime convention in the Pacific Northwest packed its main stage again for closing ceremonies. Seating began late and the actual ceremony began twenty minutes past the 4:00 p.m. posted time, pressing on quickly between each act.

Seattle's Kaze Taikou drum performers warmed up the crowd with an impressive performance. A large taikou drum was flanked by two enthusiastic players. They were later joined by six more musicians, some on smaller drums and others on cymbals.

After Kaze Taikou left the stage, convention chairman and ANCEA president (name) welcomed the crowd before introducing the following act. Mary Mariko Ohno, director of Seattle's Kabuki Academy, directed a tenugui (dancing towel) performance. A woman dressed like the Japanese god of wind manipulated large fans with attached cloth across the stage.

Next, Christopher Louck announced the winners of the convention's various cosplay, mascot, anime music video and karaoke contests.

Ohno's Kabuki group took the stage again with Ohno herself performing a traditional geisha dance with fans. The three performers' costumes, make-up and hair were impeccable although Ohno's fifty-plus years of experience showed through in her slight movements and minute attention to detail.

Following the traditional dance, the Evergreen Glee Club took the stage. The all-men's choral group performed three songs, including the main theme "Space Cruiser Yamato" honor of recently passed Yamato and Macross director Noboru Ishigoro.

Ohno's Kabuki group took the stage a third time, performing the finale for the con. Approximately 10 performers sat in traditional Japanese kimono to perform melodic and haunting nagauta shamisen piece.

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