1st Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel Film Listed on September 30 by Theater

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The advance ticket page for the Toho Cinemas Kinshicho theater in Tokyo lists the first Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel film with an opening date of September 30. As of Sunday, the other theaters in the Toho Cinemas chain only list the film's opening within "2017."

The staff of the Fate/stay night franchise announced last March that the film project will be split into three separate films, with the first premiering sometime in 2017. The project was initially announced in 2014 as a single film.

Tomonori Sudou (Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, Fate/Zero animation director) is directing the films, and ufotable is animating the work. Yuki Kajiura (Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, Fate/Zero) is composing the music. The initial announcement revealed that Takahiro Miura was providing the storyboards.

Note: The summary below reveals spoilers about the Fate/Stay night story. Highlight to read.

[The story of the film will revolve around Sakura Matō, the younger sister by blood to Rin Tohsaka, but when she was young, Sakura was sent to the Matō household as an adopted daughter. There, she was given torturous training in order to give her powerful magic powers. Sakura was not supposed to enter the Holy Grail War, but due to her getting into a romantic relationship with Shirō, the passion hidden within herself and her mental restraints go berserk. Sakura becomes a large game-changer in the Holy Grail War, and forces Shirō to walk toward a cruel fate.]

"Heaven's Feel" is a route from the original Fate/stay night visual novel. A manga adaptation of the route launched in May 2015.

The TV anime adaptation of Fate/stay night's 'Unlimited Blade Works' route premiered in October 2014. The initial Fate/stay night anime premiered in 2005.

[Via My Game News Flash]

Update: Unlimited Blade Works' year corrected. Thanks, Aziz Otaibi

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