Live-Action Kakugo wa Ii ka Soko no Joshi. Project's Still Shows Misono Cornering Towa

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The staff of the live-action film and television series adaptations of Nana Shiiba's Kakugo wa Ii ka Soko no Joshi. (Are you ready? Hey you girl!) romantic comedy manga revealed a new still for the film on Saturday. The visual shows Misono Miwa (played by Erika Karata) cornering Towa Furuya (Taishi Nakagawa) against the wall.

The film will open on October 12. Noboru Iguchi is directing the film, and Lee Jung-hee is penning the script. Naoto Inti Raymi (Monster Strike The Movie theme song) will perform the theme song "Hibiscus" for both the television series and film, and rock band Cidergirl (live-action Anitomo film theme song) will perform the insert song "Yakusoku" (Promise) for the television series. SUPER★DRAGON will perform the opening theme song "Sweet Devil" for the television series.

The live-action series will be set "a little before" the story of the film, and will tell an original story of friends Ritsu, Ichiya, Ryūsei, and Towa. The series will premiere in the Dramaism programming block on MBS on June 24 at 12:50 a.m. (effectively June 25 morning), and on TBS on June 26 at 1:28 a.m. (effectively June 26 morning). The series will have five episodes.

Kakugo wa Ii ka Soko no Joshi. centers on Towa Furuya, a handsome guy who has always had girl admirers, but has never had a girlfriend and remains a virgin. He resolves that he will get a girlfriend, and casually picks the cool and beautiful freshman Misono Miwa. When he attempts to spontaneously ask her out, she refuses him aggressively. But the more Towa thinks about her, the more he falls in love with her.

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Source: J-Grip Press release

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