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Gundam 08th MS Team - ep. 10

by Kyle Pope,

Starblazers flashback. Between this episode and the next I was half expecting someone to report parachutes coming out of the Jion hospital ship before it exploded.

Gundam 08th MS Team: The Shuddering Mountain, Part I

1. Aina's "I can't let these soldiers die because of my brother's arrogant delusions" changed to "I cannot sacrifice these soldiers for my brother's arrogant delusions".

2. Aina's "...then I'll be the one who killed him" changed to "...then I'll be the one responsible".

3. Aina's "...he won't die alone" changed to "...he won't go by himself".

4. Eledore's "Shut up a second" changed to "keep it down". (What was this one about?)

5. Shiro's "My field of vision sucks" changed to "My field of vision's awful".

6. Photographs digitally removed from the interior of the hover truck. (This didn't make sense. None of the pictures were nude and they looked like family photos.)

7. Michel's "Oh god, help us" changed to "Oh please help us".

8. Shiro's "The second you start thinking of him as a normal Zeek, you'll be dead" changed to "The second you start thinking of him as a normal Zeek, it'll be over".

9. Ginias' "I hope everyone finds the wine to their liking" cut.

10. Norris' "Die knowing you lost to someone who really knows how to use a mobile suit" cut.

11. Norris' "I've found the place where I am to die" changed to "I've found my final resting place".

12. Scene of Ginias walking past the poisoned corpses of the research staff cut.

13. Shiro's "Just finish me for god's sake" changed to "Just finish me for Pete's sake".

14. Shiro's "They're all gone" changed to "That's enough".

15. Cross on grave digitally replaced with a helmet on a rifle in the preview.

This was the climax of the series as the Feddies fight the Zeeks in a last ditch battle. You have to admire the heroic efforts of Cartoon Network to insure that no one died or got seriously injured.


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