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Tenchi Universe - ep. 15: No Need for Escape

by Kyle Pope,

Tenchi Universe: No Need for Escape

1. Jurai Intelligence Operative's "Jurai's power is said to even surpass the power of god" cut.

2. Aeka's "Ryouko, you've got some nerve drinking at a time like this" changed to "Ryouko, you've got some nerve drinking tea. You're a glutton".

3. Aeka's "You're just a drunkard" and Ryouko's "What's your problem?" cut.

4. Aeka's "It's unquestionably sexy" changed to "Unquestionably sensational" in preview.

Edit #2 makes no sense as it is never said exactly what Ryouko is drinking. And I pity the people at CN who genuinely believe that people will accept that tea is clear and comes in bottles.


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