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Tenchi Universe - ep. 16: No Need for Hiding

by Kyle Pope,

Tenchi Universe: No Need for Hiding

1. Long cut. Scene of Ryouko singing karaoke cut. (The lyrics to her little tune were completely unacceptable for family viewing.)

2. Aeka's "We have a lot of pretty girls at this pub. What kind of girl would you like?" changed to "We have a lot of wonderful drinks at this place. What's your favorite?" (It seems there's something CN finds more problematic than drinking.)

3. Aeka's "Oh really! You like a quiet and obedient type. All right then" changed to "Oh, I know! You like it hot and spicy don't you? That's perfect". (This was not an improvement CN. It fact it might have been better if you had left what she originally said alone.)

4. Scene of Ryouko chugging down a bottle of booze and demanding more drinks cut.

5. Mihoshi's "And here's the scotch and water you ordered, Mister" changed to "And here's the soda water you ordered, Mister".

6. Scene of pseudo-Christian tableau cut from preview.

Well it seems CN is willing to permit drinking in a bar if only to cover up prostitution. That scene must have put the censors between the proverbial rock and a hard place.


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