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The Edit List
Cowboy Bebop Second Run - ep. 22

by Kyle Pope,

Cowboy Bebop: Cowboy Funk

1. Episode deleted again.

Reports are that the reason this episode was skipped again was because the people at CN lost the tape. This last of the "lost episodes" should air normally next week. If that's the case then this list will be updated accordingly.

I'm getting hammered here for having misspelled "cannabis". There appears to be a lot of people out there very familiar with this leaf. ^_^

Editor's Note: Blame us (editor at animenewsnetwork.com), we're supposed to catch the spelling mistakes ^.^' -t

Cowboy Bebop: Cowboy Funk

1. Andy's "Ah, shit" changed to "Ah, nuts".

2. Cannabis leaf on Jet's shirt digitally changed to a Peace symbol.

3. Spike's "Shit, we've got to catch him first" changed to "Damn, we've got to catch him first".

Well after one deliberate deletion followed by a misplaced videotape the last of CB's "lost episodes" has finally aired. And thus completes Adult Swim's TV airing of the complete Cowboy Bebop (minus a few nips and tucks). Now we just have to wait for the movie. I am surprised that CN went through the trouble and expense of removing that cannabis leaf considering they had no problems with the Bebop crew tripping out on psychedelic mushrooms. Also of note after the cleavage edit in My Funny Valentine is that Faye's decolletage was paraded in all its full glory. I'm glad the episode got to air for it does indicate that the hypersensitivity over Sept. 11th has subsided. It would have been a tragedy indeed if all the new fans attracted to Cowboy Bebop courtesy of Cartoon Network were deprived of Cowboy Andy (or should I say Musashi). Adult Swim won't be the same without our favorite cast of bounty hunters but fear not for they will grace the new Adult Action Swim block with a host of new shows for me to keep track of.


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