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The Edit List
Pilot Candidate - ep. 1: Connection

by Kyle Pope,

Things are going to be confused here. This title was originally acquired for Toonami but is now part of Adult Swim. Unfortunately it was edited to Toonami standards. While this sort of thing does defeat the purpose of a block of animation targeted at adults it didn't seem likely that CN would undertake the time and expense of de-editing the show to AS standards. Of course the problem with this is that at least the first episode of CfG could have been run completely unedited and would not have transgressed AS editing standards.

Pilot Candidate, Episode 1: Connection

1. Not an Edit... Title "Candidate for Goddess" retained. (This is rather confusing as that the promos as well as Bandai's DVD release use the title "Pilot Candidate".)

2. Hijikata's cigarettes are now toothpicks. (This will likely be the case throughout the run of the series. Unlike Blue Sub #6 though they did erase the smoke and redrew Hijikata's hand.)

3. Scene of Zero straddling Hiead after the explosion cut.

4. Scene of Hijikata lighting up a smoke cut.

5. Woman in the Light now wears a digital bikini.

6. Ending animation shortened.

7. Woman in the Light now wears a digital uniform in preview.

As the Woman in the Light never revealed anything it really wasn't necessary to digitally clothe her. It was the only edit of anything that even came close to the AS editing standard. It seems to me that CN could have just loaded up an off-the-shelf DVD and let it run.


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