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Gundam 0083 - ep. 3: Into Battle, Albion

by Kyle Pope,

Gundam 0083, Episode 3: Into Battle, Albion

1. Shot of woman assisting wounded Feddie trooper with bleeding leg cut.

2. Scene of troopers carrying a stretcher past a Feddie corpse in the barracks building cut.

3. Scene of wounded Feddie being given a cigarette by his comrade cut.

4. Admiral Cohen's "That one bomb can kill millions of people" changed to "That one bomb can hurt millions of people". (This is a nuke we're talking about.)

5. Monsha's "Christ it's hot out! It's in the middle of winter for god's sake" changed to "Man it's hot out! It's in the middle of winter for Pete's sake".

6. Scene of Monsha grousing about the loss of his leave and his hot date while taking a swig from his whiskey bottle cut.

7. Scene of Monsha running down the boarding stairs and assaulting a group of women to the dismay of his comrades cut.

8. Monsha's "You're the woman of my dreams, my fantasy come true" cut.

9. Mora's "Apparently he just felt up all the girls..." changed to "Apparently he just asked out all the girls...".

10. Burning's "You jerks! I can't believe that you're all still alive" changed to "You guys! I can't believe that you're all still OK".

11. Chapp's "We would never get killed that easy" changed to "We would never get hurt that easy".

12. Monsha's "Got some medicine" cut.

13. Scene of Monsha handing Burning his whiskey bottle shortened.

14. Monsha's "I guess that pilot was a real screw-up" changed to "I guess that pilot was a real hack job".

15. Scene of Burning explaining Kou and Keith's encounter with Anavel Gato digitally recomposed to conceal and remove the whiskey bottle.

16. Lt. Allen's nude pin-up poster now has a digital one-piece bathing suit.

17. Keith's "He's a veteran pilot for Christ's sake" changed to "He's a veteran pilot for Pete's sake".

18. Scene of Monsha pasting Nina's photograph over his nude pin-up and swilling whiskey cut. Dialogue moved to cover the gap.

19. Burning's "For Christ's sake" changed to "For Pete's sake".

20. New ending animation. (This will be taken a given for all future episodes.)

Well it seems most of the edits for this episode centered around Lt. Monsha. Now who didn't see that coming. Plus the usual carnage reduction in the aftermath of the Torrington attack. These are becoming some of the longest lists I've ever done for a single series. Well this should help. Given how often it happens I will no longer be charting substitution of "For Pete's sake" for "For Christ's sake". I trust you to recognize that change since it appears to be a given.


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