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Pilot Candidate - ep. 4: Self Awareness

by Kyle Pope,

Pilot Candidate, Episode 4: Self Awareness

1. Scene of Hijikata whacking Zero during admission ceremony shortened.

2. Blood digitally removed from Rioroute's arm and face.

3. Shot of five goddess statues from opening replaced with shot of damaged Agui. (What was this edit for?)

4. Blood plume digitally removed from Rioroute's dream.

5. Blood digitally removed from Rioroute's bandages.

6. Phil's "The next time you damage Agui I'm going to kill you" changed to "The next time you damage Agui I'm going to blast you".

7. Phil's "I'm glad he wasn't killed" changed to "I'm glad he wasn't hurt". (But he was hurt. Rather badly too.)

8. Scene of Hijikata dropping and stepping on a cigarette butt cut.

9. Cleaning robot now scoops up a toothpick instead of a cigarette butt.

10. Shot of Hijikata walking down the corridor with a cigarette in his mouth cut.

11. Hijikata's cigarette is now a toothpick.

Well I wasn't expecting a list this long for this show


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