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Gundam 0083 - ep. 13: A Storm Raging Through

by Kyle Pope,

Gundam 0083, Episode 13: A Storm Raging Through

1. Kou's "What was the point of Lt. Burning's death?" changed to "What was
the point of Lt. Burning's sacrifice?"

2. Shot of Cima shooting and destroying Delaz's ship shortened.

3. Shot of Zeon pilot screaming and dying in a gelgoog cockpit cut.

4. Scene of still another Feddie bridge crew dying cut.

5. Gato's "Please, god" changed to "Please."

6. Scene of Gato bleeding and falling after Kou shoots him cut.

7. Nina's "...til one of you ends up dead" changed to "...til one of you
ends up hurt."

8. Gato's blood digitally removed from Nieu Zieul's cockpit.

9. Shots of suicide of Anaheim Electronics' chairman cut.

This episode was supposed to have been edited to Adult Swim standards. I
didn't see it. By AS standards this episode should have aired with no edits
at all given what I have listed here. We've seen all of this in Cowboy


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