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The Edit List
Nadesico - ep. 1: To Go Like a Man

by Kyle Pope,
Nadesico: To Go Like a Man

1: Crewman's "Impossible! We aren't getting any kills!" cut.

2: Scene of people opening the Martian shelter doors and getting annihilated by the Jovians shortened.

3: Prospector's "Ah, but this assignment would involve a lot of lovely young women" cut.

4: Uribatake's "If it means getting away from those two I'd work in the bowels of Hell" cut.

5: Admiral Misumaru's "Damn it, Yurika!" cut.

6: Scene of Jun blushing and Admiral Misumaru's "My little girl is a woman" cut.

7: Akito's "Oh damn, I burned it" cut.

8: Akito's "Oh damn it!" cut.

9: Akito's "Damn feet!" cut.

10: Akito's "Why me, god?" cut.

11: Scene of Akito telling Yurika how to pack a suitcase and finding a pair of her panties and blushing over them cut.

12: Scene of an embarrassed Akito apologizing profusely for fondling Yurika's underwear cut.

13: Another Akito "Damn it!" cut.

14: Akito's "I think she might know why my parents were killed" cut. (This is an important plot point. You're not supposed to cut those.)

15: Civilian's "Who could ever figure out what those damn Jovians are thinking" cut.

16: Akito's "I'm just a freakin' cook!" changed to "I'm just a cook!"

17: Akito's "I'm not going to get killed in some stupid war!" cut.

18: Megumi's "Good luck and godspeed" changed to "Good luck".

19: Akito's "I did not sign up for this crap!" changed to "I did not sign up for this!"

20: Yurika's "Akito, I will not let you die" cut.

21: Akito's "I've had it with this, damn it!" changed to "I've had it with this!"

22: Akito's "Oh the hell with it!" cut.

23: Ruri's after action casualty report of five deaths cut.

I haven't had to list this many edits since the early days of Toonami. Certainly brings back memories. Who would have thought Nadesico would have this much to edit. I would have thought it was a rather benign series by US TV standards. Certainly a safer series to air than Evangelion. I certainly have a better appreciation for Adult Swim.

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