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Nadesico - ep. 6: Sort of Like a Fateful Decision

by Kyle Pope,
For the benefit of those not familiar with the Nadesico series this is episode #6.

Nadesico: Sort of Like a Fateful Decision

1: Prologue and OP cut.

2: Izumi's combat poem cut.

3: Akito's "Jeez, is everyone in this firefight screwing around except me?" cut.

4: Ryouko's "Damn, we can't get through that shield" changed to "We can't get through that shield".

5: Akito's "Damn, that's a tough field" changed to "That's a tough field".

6: Scene of young Akito getting slapped by his father during the flashback cut.

7: Inez's "Fortunately the Jovians don't seem to be interested in people" cut.

8: Inez's "It is their opinion that boarding the Nadesico for the journey back to Earth would be suicide and as this ship's designer I agree with them" cut.

9: Megumi's "If that happens all the survivors down there will be crushed to death" cut.

10: Megumi's "They're all going to die!" cut.

11: Inez's "At least this way it came quickly" cut.

12: Yurika's (What was the point? We didn't save anyone. I couldn't save them" cut.

So we're back to sanitizing war again. Ironic given the current world situation. Considering the events in Toonami shows like Dragonball Z I'm surprised Toonami is still at this level of editing.

BTW... Though it is not my policy to include language edits of Toonami shows as it is a given that such language would be removed, I included them here because of the Katsucon 2003 report that these would run uncut. I therefore felt it proper that I inform you of everything that has been changed to the best of my ability.

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