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The Edit List
Rurouni Kenshin - ep. 23

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 23: Sanosuke's Betrayal

1) Scenes of Sekihoutai being massacred cut.

2) Kenshin's "Or are you after something more explicit?" changed to "Or are you after something a little more you-know-what?"

3) All of Sanosuke's references to Tsukioka being "a big turd" changed to being "a big jerk".

4) Scene of young Tsukioka firing his rifle during the battle cut.

5) Blood digitally removed from young Tsukioka's arm as he takes a hit.

6) Shot of two bystanders' backs being slashed by Sekihoutai bandit cut.

7) Blood digitally removed from the backs of the two dead bystanders.

8) Not an Edit... Blood left on Sagara's picture.

9) Shot of Sanosuke's fist distorting Sekihoutai bandit's face cut.

10) Close-up of Shindou's revolver as it is fired cut.

11) Blood again digitally removed from young Tsukioka's arm as he takes the hit.

12) Blood spray from Shindou's mouth as Sanosuke's punch connects to his gut digitally removed.

13) Blood digitally removed from the sleeve of Tsukioka's jacket.

Given how much kids love scatological terms I wonder why Cartoon Network felt that "turd" was a word they had to edit. Despite FCC restrictions kids are familiar with a lot stronger words these days.

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