The Edit List
Rurouni Kenshin - ep. 25

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 25: The Crimson Pirate

1) Shot of guard being run through by a pirate cut.

2) Scene of wounded sailor stumbling to the ship's railing cut.

3) Shot of another pirate running a sailor through cut.

4) Shot of sailor being harpooned from behind by a pirate cut. (Don't even go there.)

5) Shot of pirate slashing a sailor shortened and digitally altered to remove blood and wounds.

6) Shot of pirate slashing a guard with his claws during the boarding cut.

7) Shot of same pirate cutting down another guard with his sword cut.

8) Shot of pirate taking out a guard with his great axe cut.

9) Shot of turtlebacked pirate slashing a guard across the abdomen with his harpoon cut.

10) Scene of big-eyed pirate spearing a guard on his trident and tossing the body overboard cut.

11) Familiar shot of guard being run through by a pirate cut.

12) Shot of two guards falling behind the pirates strolling through the ship's holds cut.

13) Scene of pirate taking Senbonya's cigarettes and lighting one up cut.

14) Close-up of Kaoru clutching her bleeding shoulder as she stands behind Kenshin cut.

15) Not an Edit... Blood left on the shoulder of Kaoru's kimono.

16) Blood subsequently and digitally removed from Kaoru's shoulder.

As these lists of violence edits accumulate things are not looking good for the Kyoto arc.

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