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The Edit List
Rurouni Kenshin - ep. 28

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 28: Prelude to the Impending Fight

1) Blood digitally removed from mouth of Imperialist and sword of Shinsengumi member as they break into the Imperialist meeting.

2) Not an Edit... Blood spray from Saitou's swordstrike to the Imperialist left in.

3) Shot of Saitou's face as it is sprayed with slain Imperialist's blood cut.

4) Scenes of battle between Imperialists and Shinsengumi shortened to remove sprays and splashes of blood throughout the room.

5) Blood stains digitally removed from shouji when Okita cuts down another Imperialist.

6) Blood digitally removed from Okita's face as he stands in the moonlight.

7) Blood sprays removed when Battousai fights and cuts down the Shinsengumi.

8) Expanding pool of blood digitally removed from shot of icy ground.

9) Blood digitally removed from shot of sword blade.

10) Scene of Battousai cutting down a Shinsengumi member from behind followed by a pan of fallen Shinsengumi bodies behind Battousai cut.

11) Not an Edit... Blood left of rag Battousai uses to clean his sword.

12) Not an Edit... Blood flow across Kenshin's flashback left in.

13) Blood digitally removed from Battousai and Okita's swords during Kenshin's flashback.

14) Blood spray digitally removed when Battousai cuts down a Shinsengumi member in flashback.

15) Blood spray digitally removed when Saitou's Gantotsu strikes Sanosuke's shoulder.

16) Broken sword blade and blood digitally removed from Sanosuke's shoulder during remainder of fight with Saitou.

17) Blood sprays digitally removed from fight between Saitou and Sanosuke.

18) Broken sword blade digitally removed from Sanosuke's fallen body when Kenshin and the group find him.

19) Not an Edit... Shibumi actually offers Saitou sake, not tea.

20) Shibumi's "I find it hard to believe a man like you can't hold his liquor" changed to "I find it hard to believe a man like you is afraid to cut loose."

21) Saitou's "When I drink too much I have a tendency towards violence..." changed to "When I cut loose I have a tendency towards violence..."

22) Not an Edit... Sanosuke's blood left on broken sword blade in Kenshin's hand.

This is not a good omen. This episode is the start of the Kyoto arc and is a foretaste of the level and intensity of violence that is to come. By comparison with the episodes to follow this episode's violence level is fairly mild. From this episode forward the editing is likely to get severe.

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