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Trigun - ep. 12, 13 & 14

by Kyle Pope,
Trigun 12: Diablo

1) Pool of blood digitally removed from around corpse in Vash's flashback.

2) Monev's "He's a complete chickenshit" changed to "He's a complete chicken."

3) Close-up of Vash shoving his arm-gun against Monev's eye cut.

4) Second close-up of Monev with Vash's arm-gun against his eye cut.

5) Not an Edit... Close-up shot of Monev begging for his life with Vash's arm-gun against his eye left in.

Another inconsistently edited episode. I'm confused as to why this episode was even edited at all beyond Monev's single profanity.

Trigun 13: Vash the Stampede

1) Not an Edit... All scenes of Vash holding his arm-gun to Monev's eye
that were deleted from the episode "Diablo" have been restored to the
flashbacks from that episode.

You just have to ask why they were edited out to begin with then.

Trigun 14: Little Arcadia

1) Completely unedited.

Another nice change.

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