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Dual: Parallel Trouble Adventure - ep. 2

by Kyle Pope,
OK. I admit I've been had. I had thought after viewing Lain and Crest of the Stars that Anime Unleashed wasn't editing their anime. After all, if a character gets to say "shit" in SEL I would have thought if that wasn't edited then nothing else was.

I was wrong.

At least as far as Dual: Parallel Trouble Adventure is concerned. Now I'm going to have to start checking Anime Unleashed offerings for edits. The majority of edits for Dual have not been for content though. They're time cuts. Rather odd since they run the full OPs to their shows. Given the choice I'd sacrifice the OPs and EDs to preserve the episode itself. Anyway this fact will making listing these edits much more annoying than those for Cartoon Network. These minuscule time cuts are much more difficult to identify than content edits.

I'm one episode and several series behind but I guess I have to start somewhere. So here we go:

Dual 02: My Home

1) Two shots of Rara robot parts following the battle cut.

2) Shot of Sanada and Akane watching the viewscreen in amazement at the conclusion of the engagement cut.

3) Shot of Earth Defense Force pilots debarking their robots after returning to base cut.

4) Shot of Kazuki returning from the drugstore to find Hartzenen gone cut.

5) Scene of Akane searching though the voice records shortened.

6) Scene of Akane receiving Sanada's erotic recording and going ballistic cut.

7) Shot of Kazuki's hand typing on his keypad while sitting in the park cut.

8) Shot of Nanjyouin covering Yayoi in her hospital bed cut.

9) Shot of city population returning home after the battle shortened.

10) Scene of Kazuki's confused run through the city to his home shortened.

11) Scene of Kazuki exploring what should have been his room cut.

12) Shot of Kazuki's shocked face as he realizes his parents don't recognize him cut.

13) Scene of Kazuki's march through EDF HQ on his way to Sanada's office shortened.

14) Shot of pause between Kazuki and Mitsuki after he asks her if she wants to return home shortened.

Listing these edits is not going to be fun. Like Cartoon Network wasn't giving me enough to do.

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