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Rurouni Kenshin - ep. 32

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 32: Change Tears to Courage

1) Not an Edit... Blood spray visible when Saitou punches Sanosuke in the armpit.

2) Shot of Sanosuke's face and his shoulder spraying blood after Saitou's hit cut.

3) Drops of blood digitally removed when Saitou lifts and throws Sanosuke.

4) Blood digitally removed from under Sanosuke's shoulder when he hits the ground.

5) Not an Edit... Blood under Sanosuke's shoulder left in when Saitou kicks his wound.

6) Yahiko's "That was dirty!" to Saitou muted from the dialogue after Saitou kicks Sanosuke. (Why?)

7) Blood again digitally removed from under Sanosuke's shoulder as he lies on the ground.

8) Bloodstain on Sanosuke's shoulder digitally painted black.

9) Not an Edit... Blood on Sanosuke's hand and arm left in as he clenches his fist.

10) Not an Edit... Blood left in at the corner of Sanosuke's mouth.

11) Blood digitally removed from the corner of Sanosuke's mouth.

12) Not an Edit... Blood back at the corner of Sanosuke's mouth.

Well things appeared a little indecisive in the editing department. This episode gave us blood that appears, disappears and changes color. I would have to imagine that CN's BS&P aren't quite sure how to deal with this storyline. Their current editing strategy isn't going to leave much of this story arc unless they find some way to modify it appropriately.

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