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Rurouni Kenshin - ep. 37

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 37: Shock! Reverse Blade Sword Broken

1) Not an Edit... Stylized blood shown in Shishio's analysis of Kenshin's final attack on Senkaku.

2) Sprays and splashes of blood digitally removed from flashback of Shinsengumi attack on Imperialist conspirators.

3) Not an Edit... Negative shots of Okubo's corpse shown.

4) Blood digitally removed from Senkaku's mouth while pupils were digitally added to his eyes as he lies gasping on the mansion floor.

5) Not an Edit... Eiji's attempt to kill Senkaku shown. (They completely removed the scene of Eiji attempting to kill a guard earlier.)

6) Blood spray digitally removed when Senkaku strikes Eichirou during flashback.

7) Bloodstain digitally removed from Eichirou's back as he kneels near Eiji during flashback.

8) Shot of ground with passing spatters of Eichirou's blood cut as Eichirou runs during flashback.

9) Blood digitally removed from Eiji's face as Eichirou carries him during flashback.

10) Bloodstains digitally removed from Eichirou's clothing after fighting off Shishio's troops during flashback.

11) Blood digitally removed from Eichirou's face and shoulders as he cradles and apologizes to Eiji during flashback.

They must have the Mighty Maids on retainer. This episode was better edited than the last one but there are things I don't understand. Why add pupils to Senkaku's eyes? Misao has the all white eyed look all the time whenever she goes ballistic. And why edit out Eiji attempting to kill a guard and then show him trying to kill Senkaku?

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