The Edit List
Blue Gender 03

by Kyle Pope,
: Trial

1) Eyelid digitally added to Minnie's corpse. Quantity of blood coming from her mouth and pooled around her head digitally reduced.

2) Shot of transport truck driver's corpse cropped to removed large pool of blood under his head.

3) Not an Edit... Shot of Marlene blasting the core out of yet another Blue left in. (They are going to have to make up their minds here.)

4) Shot of Marlene's breasts pressing against Yuji's back and Yuji blushing as a result during his pistol training cut. (This was the most innocent sexually related scene in BG and they cut it.)

5) Yuji's "Where's that son-of-a-bitch hiding?" changed to "Where's that bastard hiding?" as he and Joey hunt for the Blue. (I would have thought that "Bastard" and "Son-of-a-bitch" were expletives of equal weight. Why edit one and use the other?)

Things are not looking good for episode #15.

Kyle Pope

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