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The Edit List
Yu Yu Hakusho 09 & 10

by Mike Majeski,
9. The Search Begins

1. Kuwabara's “Damn it, I didn't come here to become Genkai's Student” Changed to “Darn it, I didn't come here to become Genkai's Student”

2. Kuwabara's “Looks like you bought crappy watch” Changed to “Looks like you bought a crummy watch” when he describes Yusuke's Demon Compass after it shorts out

3. Swastika Tattoo on Kazemaru's forehead removed

4. In preview, Genkai's Cigarette is removed, along with one of her fingers. I guess its to make it look like she's pointing instead of holding something that's not there

10. Kuwabara's Spirit Sword

1. Scene Genkai smoking a cigarette and blowing smoke into Yusuke's and Kuwabara's face CUT

2. Genkai's “Yes you little crap that's exactly what I expect” changed to “Yes you little worm that's exactly what I expect” informing the fighters that they have to fight in complete darkness

3. Yusuke's “Sorta like a fart in a crammed elevator” Changed to “Sorta like when something goes bad in the fridge” describing Kuwabara's sensing something he can't pinpoint.

4. Kazemaru's Swastika tattoo is removed again (Big Surprise)

5. Genkai's arm and cigarette removed

6. Kuroda's “Good, then I won't feel so bad when I carve out your heart” changed to “Good, then I won't feel so bad when I carve you into pieces”

7. Scene where Kuwabara asks Boton to marry him and ends with Genkai's discarded cigarette burning into his shoulder CUT.

8. Yusuke's “What the hell's that” changed to “What the heck's that” when he first sees Kuwabara's Spirit Sword

9. Scene where Genkai announces the forth match “Kibano vs. Dim-wit” CUT (Strange, other than Genkai smoking, this scene has no bad elements. And considering “Dim-Wit” becomes Genkai's pet name for Yusuke, makes this edit even more confusing)

10. NOT A EDIT – Yusuke's “Oh no. I was just praying for your mortal soul” Left in

11. Scene where an irritated Genkai, reacting to Yusuke's above comment, calls Yusuke a “moron” and throws her cigarette at him - CUT.

12. Yusuke's “Dammit. Where is he” Changed to “Darn it. Where is he” during his fight with Kibano

Other than a few language edits (Yes we must get rid of those evil words like "crap" and "fart") most cuts are in direct relationship to Genkai Smoking. Considering Genkai's cigarette is used as an active prop throughout this episode (and the next) makes it kind of confusing. The whole scene where Kuwabara asks Boton to marry him is important, considering it is the start of Kuwabara's infatuation that continues on for another 11-12 episodes (until the Ukina storyline). It was cut because Genkai throws her Cigarette at Kuwabara and it lands on his shoulder, the burning sensation brings him back down to earth. Then you have the scene where an irritated Genkai throws her cigarette at Yusuke, in the next episode that little cigarette takes a pretty important role. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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