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Yu Yu Hakusho 13 & 14

by Mike Majeski,
13. Yusuke vs. Rando, 99 Attacks

1. In recap, scene showing x-ray view of Kuwabara's broken arm replaced with scene showing Shorin/Rando holding the shrunken Kuwabara.

2. Yusuke's “Oh, crap” changed to “Oh, not good” when Yusuke realizes that he doesn't have enough strength to hurt Rando.

3. Yusuke's “Damn it” changed to “Darn it” when he's caught in Rando's Life Force Thread attack.

4. Yusuke's “What the hell are those” changed to “What the heck are those” when asking about the creatures Rando just summoned.

5. Kuwabara's “Oh man, you are such a freaking disgrace!” changed to “Oh man, you are a total disgrace!” when he's trying to insult Yusuke into fighting Rando and not give up

6. NOT AN EDIT – Floating characters while Rando chants are present.

7. Yusuke's “Why is everything so freaking quiet?” changed to “Why is everything so darn quiet?” just before he finds out he has swamp algae in his ears.

The way this episode starts has me slightly confused. On the DVD, it starts showing the X-ray view of Kuwabara's shattered arm, and in the Toonami edit it shows Shorin/Rando holding the shrunken Kuwabara. Simply, Toonami could have just cut the scene all together considering that Kuwabara's fight wasn't even mentioned in the recap. The only other point of confusion is when Rando does the Reduction Chant. The floating character's are back. Admittedly, it would have been next to impossible to remove them from this scene (it could have been done, with a lot of computer time). The question that comes up is why did they feel it necessary to remove them in the previous episode. And why the avoidance of the word “Freaking”? I always thought “freaking” was a safe replacement for the other “F” word (at least that's what the other networks use when their cleaning up (ie hacking) movies for prime showing).

14. The Beasts of Maze Castle

1. Yusuke's “Let's just say I'll be having nightmares for the next four years cause of all that crap I went through” changed to “Let's just say I'll be having nightmares for the next four years cause of all the stuff I went through” describing the training with Genkai

2. Kuwabara's “I don't think these guys are playing around! We haven't even started and they're already pulling knives!” – CUT

3. Possessed Thug's “Must kill, must kill, must... kill” – CUT

4. Fight between the 5 possessed thugs and Yusuke and Kuwabara – CUT

5. Kuwabara's “are they Human?” – CUT

6. Kuwabara's “Now what are we going to do?” – CUT

7. Yusuke's “Now we leave it to me” – CUT

8. NOT AN EDIT – Yusuke using his Shotgun attack on the 5 possessed thugs

9. Yusuke's “But who the hell are these guys” changed to “But who the heck are these guys” asking about the now unconscious, possessed thugs

10. Yusuke's “But what the hell are we supposed to do?” changed to “But what are we supposed to do?”

11. NOT AN EDIT - Yusuke's “Okay, I just can't believe Koenma expects me to take on a whole freaking city of demons alone” left in

12. Yusuke's “Oh damn” changed to “Ow” after he and Kuwabara land outside of the City of Demons and Apparitions

13. Yusuke's “Dammit” changed to “Darn it” when their in the Gate of Betrayal

Here's another set of confusing edits. At first I thought it might be a lightly edited episode... Was I Wrong! The biggest edit is Yusuke & Kuwabara's fight against the 5 possessed thugs. The only things I could see was Kuwabara's Comment on them “already pulling knives” and the thugs kept saying “must kill”. As fights go, it was no worse than the fight outside of Maze Castle. The only difference is what our hero's where fighting (Demons instead of possessed humans).

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