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The Edit List
Blue Gender 07

by Kyle Pope,
Blue Gender 07: Sympath

1) Shot of Marlene splashing water on her breasts as she enters the oasis cut.

2) Pan up Marlene's body as Yuji stares at her shortened to exclude shot of her panties.

3) Shot of Yuji suddenly turning, grabbing his crotch and dropping into the water after staring at Marlene cut.

4) Not an Edit... Contours of Marlene's nipples through her shirt left in. (Considering the rest of the edits to this episode how did they let this

5) Dice's "If you two were gonna get it on you'd better pick another place. If you want to live to do it again that is" cut.

6) Shot of Marlene's facial expression as Dice punches her in the gut cut. (They show Marlene taking all kinds of abuse from the Blue, even to the point of drawing blood. But a harmless punch to the gut that we don't even see... That they edit.)

7) Yuji's "No, thanks. I'm still underage" when Dice offers him a beer cut.

8) Dice's "You haven't done it yet, right?" changed to "Well you got a thing for her, don't ya?" Yuji's flustered reaction to the original question cut.

9) Dice's "Don't be a dumbass" cut from when Yuji asks about Marlene and the missing Armor Shrike.

Interestingly every scene edited from the preview of this episode was restored to the episode itself. FUNimation needs to understand the difference between Adult Swim and Toonami. Everything edited in this episode was completely unnecessary. Nothing in this episode violated Adult Swim standards. We've seen this material in other AS shows.

Kyle Pope

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