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Yu Yu Hakusho 23 & 24

by Mike Majeski,
23. The Toguro Brothers Gang

1. Scene showing Tarukane in preview changed to a scene where he's not smoking a Cigar.

2. Scene where the Younger Toguro kills the beast Helen with one punch, splitting her in half and her blood splattering all over the place – CUT.

3. NOT AN EDIT – Scene showing the 2 pieces of the dead Helen dropping to the ground and then panning up to show her blood on the wall (Purple blood in both) – left in.

4. The scene showing Helen's corpse where Tarukane says “Rip 'em in half and then he says he's sorry! Boy, you have got to be my bodyguard! Top pay!” and the younger Toguro saying, “I'll think about it” – CUT.

5. Tarukane's “Sakashta, get your ass to the telephone” changed to “Sakashta, get your rear to the telephone”

6. Scene where the younger Toguro lights up a cigarette and says “Cheating your friends isn't exactly honorable” – CUT.

7. Scene where Tarukane says “Hey, when you're rotten like me there's only one thing you can do! Spread your stink!” – CUT.

8. NOT AN EDIT – The scene where Yusuke punches a hole through a spider demon and then showing the demons final moments (including showing bloody wound) – left in.

9. Scene where the Sakyou takes a drag from his cigarette and makes his bet replaced with an earlier image (where he's not smoking of course)

10. Scene where Sakyou explains his bet – CUT.

11. Scene where Kuwabara stabs one demon in the stomach and then cuts another in half – CUT.

12. NOT AN EDIT – Black Black club member says “Sounds like a friggin' war zone!” left in

In this episode the sensors at Cartoon Network had something other than foul language to worry about. But they showed a wee bit of inconsistency. First they cut the scene of Toguro punching the beast Helen in half, along with the subsequent scenes that show her corpse. But then they show the scene where Yusuke punches a hole clean through a Spider Demon, and not only show it's corpse after but also they show it expiring also. Then you have the scene where Sakyo is explaining his bet. Admittedly he is only repeating what Toguro said in the flashback a minute before. But it ties in with Tarukane's question after about where he got his information. I have to admit that I'm getting a little concerned about the number of edits, we're not even a quarter of the way through. What will the Dark Tournament Saga be like? Only time will tell.

24. The Deadly Triad

1) Yusuke's “But let me check first to make sure!” changed to “Well, I'll have to take you up on that!” before the first exchange in the fight with Miyuki.

2) Miyuki's “You pervert, what was that” changed to “You bully, what was that”

3) Yusuke's “Now I know” changed to “Anything”

4) Yusuke's “Hey, lady. You've got no chance of winning this fight” changed to “Oh, nothing. Except this demon here can't play by her own rules” in response to Kuwabara's question on what was going on.

5) Miyuki's “Oh shut up” changed to “That isn't the truth”

6) Miyuki's “You never would have done that if I where a man” changed to “You've disgraced me and I wont tolerate it”

7) Boton's “What she mean by that?” changed to “Shouldn't you help him?” to Kuwabara

8) Kuwabara's flashback on how Yusuke checked, by grabbing Miyuki's breast – CUT.

9) Kuwabara's “Oh my gosh. I'm pretty sure he grabbed Miyuki's- Well it serves you right to get choked Urameshi!“ – CUT.

10) NOT AN EDIT – Miyuki's “I'm going to enjoy this” (not really important other than the fact that this is the first line, since just before this fight started, that remained intact)

11) Kuwabara's “Maybe he should try apologizing to her!” – CUT.

12) Boton's “Oh be quiet!” in response – CUT.

13) Scene of Tarukane looking at the monitor of Yusuke being hung – CUT.

14) Close up of Tarukane – CUT.

15) Sakyo's arm and cigarette removed

16) Scene where the hanging Yusuke is reflected in Toguro's sunglasses – CUT.

17) Scene where Miyuki gets up and charges Yusuke, only for Yusuke to punch her in the chest... knocking her back – CUT.

18) Kawabara's “Ah! Urameshi! How can you keep hitting a girl like that? I mean you even hit her in the ta-tas!” changed to “Ah! Urameshi! Ow can you keep hitting a girl like that? For the last time just tell her your sorry!”

19) Yusuke's “We're both fighters! Why the hell does it make a difference!” changed to “We're both fighters! Why the heck does it make a difference!”

20) Yusuke's “Fine, I wasn't gonna tell you this 'cause I still don't think it matters. But look closely. It turns out our misses is a mister.” changed to “Fine, I wasn't gonna tell you this 'cause I still don't think it matters. But look closely. She's faking most of her injuries.”

21) Kuwabara's “But how did you know?” – CUT.

22) Yusuke's “Well- uh- I really couldn't help but notice.” As he's making grabbing motions – CUT.

23) Scene where Kuwabara goes through the first attack again (where Yusuke grabs Miyuki's supposed breasts and feeling between her/his legs) – CUT.

24) Yusuke's “Okay, I admit. I was curious. Things didn't seem right up-top, and well you know... The family jewels have not been stolen.” – CUT.

25) Kuwabara's “So fighting girls actually does bother you, but you gave her a check-up instead of attacking her. You're kind of weird person, aren't you?” – CUT.

26) Miyuki's “You think I'm a freak, don't you? That's why you're attacking so violently. What? You're afraid I'll rub off on you. Why can't you treat me as an equal!” changed to “All my life, you men have always treat me like I'm about to break! So why shouldn't I use it against you!”

27) Yusuke's “Shut up! If your gonna be a man, do it all the way not half way!” changed to “Shut up! I've been treating you the same as I would any stupid fighter!”

28) Yusuke's “I'm fighting you 'cause you won't let us save that girl. It's got nothing to do with anything except for me kicking your ass!” changed to “I'm fighting you 'cause you won't let us save that girl. It's got nothing to do with anything except for us getting to her!”

29) Kuwabara's “You positive about this Urameshi? She looks so-I mean he looks so-uh—pretty. I mean are you sure that she's a... ” changed to “So how do you know she's not faking now? You know-I mean she's a pretty good actor and all. She could be faking.”

30) Scene where Kuwabara tries to see if Miyuki is really a man an then Boton clubs him in the head with her ore – CUT.

31) Scene where Yusuke and Kuwabara turn their head just before noticing the camera – CUT. (It hides the lump on the back of Kuwabara's head)

32) Scene where our hero's are running down a hallway – CUT.

33) Kuwabara's “I've been thinkin' about what you did back there, Urameshi. You know, I mean the way you checked to see if Miyuki was a boy. What would you have done if it'd actually been a girl you were touching?” – CUT.

34) Yusuke's “Think about it stupid! Like I would have complained” – CUT.

35) Kuwabara's “Kayko's not gonna like hearing that!” – CUT.

36) Yusuke's “You wouldn't dare tell her that for real!” as he's grabbing his collar – CUT.

37) Kuwabara's “Well there is this new CD I want and I haven't had enough money to buy it.” – CUT.

38) Yusuke's “And you want me to buy it for you.” As they begin wrestling – CUT.

39) Boton's “Would you boys knock it off! We are supposed to be rescuing Yukina!” trying to break them up – CUT.

40) Kuwabara's “That's right! I don't have time for this! Okay! Here goes! By the red pinky string I'm led to my heart's content!” as he throws Yusuke aside and continues the search for Yukina – CUT.

41) Yusuke's “What the hell was that?” changed to “What the heck was that?” when Gokumonki's club defeats Kuwabara's Spirit Sword

42) Sakyou's cigarette magically changed into a ballpoint pen. And obviously smoke from the cigarette removed (pens don't smoke =)

43) (Strange Edit) Scene where Sakyou takes a drag on his cigarette replaced with a still of him holding his hand in front of his face, like he's holding a cigarette. But that audio has not changed, (IE the sound of Sakyou taking the drag is still present).

44) Scene where the Black Black club is discussing Sakyou's wager, panning from member to member. The final pan to Sakyou is replaced with a close up of him (all that because of he's holding a cigarette.

45) The shot of Sakyou, after Tarukane is wondering if he knows inside information, replaced with a close-up of Sakyou (Another Cigarette edit)

46) In preview – blood spray removed after the younger Toguro Brother hits Kuwabara.

*Beats Head Against Wall* OUCH! What a workout my fingers are getting because of this episode. Looking back, it would probably have been easier to list what wasn't edited. Forty edits before the commercial break.

I thought many of the edits where just covering Yusuke's grope of Miyuki, that was only part of the case. It appears that Toonami has a problem with Miyuki being a sh-male. They tried to cover it up the best way they could. Even to the extent of re-scripting almost half of the episode. Or just removing the related material all together. It's hard to believe that there was enough left that could be stitched together.

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