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The Edit List
Blue Gender 10-12

by Kyle Pope,
Blue Gender 10: Tactics

1) Shot of Marlene's bayonet piercing an attacking Blue cut.

2) Shot of Marlene trying to pull her bloody bayonet out of the Blue's body as a comrade calls for back-up cut.

3) Shot of wall section providing cover for Marlene on the roof getting blown apart cut.

There was a lot of blood flying in this episode. A lot more than I would have thought given the level of editing up to this point.

Blue Gender 11: Go Mad

1) White flash overlaid on shot of Blue exploding under Scott's fire.

2) Shot of bloody hole being blown through a Blue by Scott cut.

3) Shot of Marlene's fire gutting another Blue cut.

4) Not an Edit... Yuji's "Son-of-a-bitch!" as he tries to go help Marlene left in. (This expletive was edited out of episode #3, Trial.)

5) Shot of bloody bodies of Blue slaughtered in the battle replaced with shots of recovery squad in the control room during the start of Han's rant.

6) Shot of recovery squad and Yuji standing stunned by the bodies of Han and the Blue that killed him cut.

7) Close-up of Han's and Blue's bodies in the control room as the recovery squad attempts to restore power to the base cut.

8) Shot of Marlene mincing yet another Blue under heavy weapons fire cut.

Despite some of these edits this episode certainly appeared bloodier than any episode of any show that has aired on Adult Swim to date. The last scene with Yuji's blood filling the shuttle was particularly telling as a similar scene in Cowboy Bebop had a lot of the floating blood globules edited out.

Blue Gender 12: Progress

1) Completely unedited.

No surprise here.

Kyle Pope

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