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The Edit List
Yu Yu Hakusho 49 & 50

by Mike Majeski,
49. Genkai's Strength

1. In panning shot of the crowd, one fan's middle finger is removed (can you guess why?)

2. Fan's “Damn this super-sensitive hearing!” changed to “Ahh, I don't think I can take anymore!” as Shishi twirls his banshee Shriek.

3. Shot of a fan getting his head bit off by Shishi's Chorus of a Thousand Skulls Attack (First of many) – CUT.

4. Another shot of a fan getting his head bit off by Shishi's Chorus of a Thousand Skulls Attack – CUT.

5. Third shot of a fan getting his head bit off – CUT.

6. Two shots of fans being attacked by Shishi's technique cut just before they lose their heads

7. Shot of Toguro's team, with fans running for their lives in the foreground (one losing their head) – CUT.

8. Shot of Toguro defending himself against Shishi's technique – CUT

9. Juri's “Screw this! They don't pay me enough!” changed to “No way! They don't pay me enough!”

10. Shizuru's cigarette is removed (as they're walking up to the stadium entrance)

11. Shizuru's “Get your butt back here!” changed to “Get your rear back here!” to Kuwabara as he runs on ahead.

12. When Shizuru says “Simple. Because he's training to be a man.” In response to Yukina's question, Shizuru's hand is removed (because she was giving Kuwabara the finger)

13. Shishi's “Surround us with The Cage of Hell!” changed to “Surround us with The Cage of Doom!”

14. Shishi's “It's one hell of a cage match to the death!” changed to “It's quite a cage match to the death!”

15. Kuwabara's “Yeah! Kick some demon butt!” changed to “Yeah! Kick some demon tail!” To Genkai just before she attacks Shishi.

16. As Shishi is lying on the arena floor, after Genkai's last attack, the blood dripping from the corner of his mouth is removed.

17. Shizuru's “Did you here that jackass?” changed to “He is so beyond dead!” talking about Kuwabara making a fool of himself over the PA

18. Boton's “Look around, the birds, the bees, the flowers, and the trees!” changed to “A teenage girl and boy in the woods together?” to Kayko about what should she do with Yusuke, who's asleep. (Strange edit)

19. Yukina's “Have fun with birds and bees!” changed to “Be careful Kayko.”

20. In preview – “Hey guy's. Sorry for being MIA for a while, But you gotta admit I deserve a nap after the crap Genkai put me through.” changed to “Hey guy's. Sorry for being MIA for a while, But you gotta admit I deserve a nap after the stuff Genkai put me through”

21. ENDING TITLES - Second ED replaced with the first ED.

The last scene in this episode deserves some discussion. As Shizuru, Boton, and Yukina run toward the stadium leaving Kayko alone with Yusuke. On the DVD, Boton makes a thinly veiled suggestion of what Kayko can do with Yusuke (#18). In the Toonami edit, Boton's suggestion is even more obvious. Especially when the censors leave Kayko and Shizuru's reactions intact.

So I guess the big question is... If you have a scene that suggests something naughty, without using any foul language (or gestures). And you change a couple of lines, but it makes the naughty suggestion even more obvious... Was there any reason to make the change in the first place?

50. Suzuka's Challenge
1. When Rinku's Yo-yo strikes the first demon square in the face, the resulting blood is removed.

2. Panning shot up Rinku's body then panning up to a close up of Chu replaced with a distance shot, showing Rinku, Chu, and the 3 demons (Kayko in the background) then a close up of Chu (Note: Chu's bottle has been removed)

3. Shot where Chu stands up and laughs at Yusuke – CUT.

4. Rinku's “He is so whipped!” – CUT.

5. Chu's “I see you've domesticated our mate nice and fine, missy. We'll leave you two alone. You keep on havin' your naughty!” – CUT. (I guess that was a little to blatant for the censors)

6. Kayko's “Why's that all anyone thinks a boy and girl can do when their alone?” – CUT.

7. Shizuru's cigarette is removed, when she's cheering on her brother.

8. Genkai's “You won't be fooling anyone else with that crappy mask.” changed to “You won't be fooling anyone else with that crummy mask.”

9. In the shots of various people's reactions to Onji/Suzuka's transformation, Shizuru loses her cigarette.

10. In the shot where Suzuka throws a card at Koto and hits the demon behind her, the stream of blood that comes out of the wound has been removed.

11. Koto's “That was freakin' sweet!” changed to “That was pretty sweet!” about Suzuka killing the demon behind her.

12. Suzuka's “Look at how they fear the Devil and revere God. With mystery comes colossal power!” changed to “History is filled with examples both feared, and revered. With mystery comes great power!”

13. Boton's “Go back to the circus you ridiculous looking clown!” in response to Suzuka's plans – CUT.

14. Shizuru's “Obey this, asshole” as she gives Suzuka the finger – CUT.

15. Fan's “This sucks. Now we can't root for either of 'em” changed to “Now we can't root for either of 'em” after Suzuka blasts a section of the stands.

16. Genkai's “I put my whole body through hell to make it strong enough for my Spirit Wave Orb. And you're crying about some nasal accessory?” – CUT.

17. Genkai's “You're not a real fighter. I sure as hell won't waste what little Spirit Energy I have left on your half-assed routine.” changed to “You're not a real fighter. I sure as heck won't waste what little Spirit Energy I have left on your half-wit routine.”

18. Close-up of Suzuka's face as Genkai punches him – CUT.

19. Another close-up (different angle) of Suzuka's face then pulling back to show Genkai – CUT.

20. Shot of Suzuka sliding across the arena floor, as a result of Genkai's punch, and Genkai racing up to jump on his back (ending in a x-ray view of his back) – CUT.

21. Shot of Genkai jumping on Suzuka's back shortened (eliminating 2 big hits)

22. X-ray view of Suzuka's back breaking as he lands on Genkai's fist (after he hits the ceiling and falls back down) – CUT.

23. Close-up of Suzuka's face as Genkai punches him, breaking his mask – CUT.

24. Closing shot of Genkai (as she's about to attack Suzuka again) – CUT.

25. Close-up of Suzuka's face taking punches in rapid succession – CUT.

26. Shot of Genkai still punching Suzuka (in rapid succession) – CUT.

27. In the close-up of Suzuka's “so called Beautiful” face, Blood coming from his hairline, nose and mouth removed. Also dents in his forehead, and cheek, and some of the swelling has been removed.

28. Shizuru's cigarette is removed when she comments on Genkai

29. In preview – Shot of Karasu's opponent as Karasu passes in front of him, and then his arm blows off replaced with a panning shot of the shocked crowd and then a shot of Karasu descending to attack

30. In preview – shot of Karasu in the background and in the foreground his opponent (without arms) drops to his knees cut short

31. In preview – Shot of Bui obliterating his opponent with his axe replaced with a close-up of his eye

32. In preview – Close-up shot of the older Toguro's opponents being pierced replaced with a shot of him retracting is “tentacles”.

33. In preview – “hey wait! What the hell are those two talking about?” changed to “Wait! What the... What are those two talking about?”

34. ENDING TITLES - Second ED replaced with the first ED.

A heavily edited preview means I'm going to have a lot of work tomorrow. Meanwhile, today, I noticed that Chu wasn't able to say what Boton got away with yesterday (about Kayko and Yusuke alone in the woods), maybe it's because he was a wee bit more direct in the way he put it. Other than that, today was pretty much a typically edited fistfight with limited violence and no blood.

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