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The Edit List
Heat Guy J: Introduction

by Kyle Pope,
Heat Guy J: Introduction

Time to welcome a new player to the field of televised anime. With the debut of Heat Guy J, MTV becomes the latest network to add anime to its line-up. Strictly speaking this is not the first time MTV has aired anime. Back in the day when MTV was only a single cable channel dedicated almost exclusively to music videos they did pepper their line-up with some ecclectic programming. One of those shows was the sorely missed Liquid Television which featured a wide range of animated shorts that were decidedly not for children. One episode of Liquid Television aired the anime short The Running Man that showed up briefly on the VHS release titled Neo-Tokyo. Unfortunately animation in the form of Liquid Television and Oddities disappeared from MTV as it gravitated away from music videos and into the morass of reality TV. But never let it be said that MTV doesn't understand the interests of its target demographic even if it comes to that understanding a little late. Heat Guy J is an interesting title for MTV to break into anime with. Despite their extensive collection of titles Geneon (nee Pioneer) has not made as significant a dent in televised anime as companies like Bandai which dominates Cartoon Network. In MTV Geneon may get its chance to get its titles out in force. Time and ratings will tell.

Kyle Pope

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