Dragon Ball Z - Cell Games - Guardian's Return [Uncut] (Dub.VHS 50)

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Title: Dragon Ball Z - Cell Games - Guardian's Return [Uncut]
Volume: Dub.VHS 50
Running time: 62
Distributor: FUNimation Entertainment

Release date: 2001-11-06
Suggested retail price: $4.98
Age rating: nr

SKU: FN-03153
UPC: 704400031533 704400031533

Contains the UNCUT verions of:
Episode 157: A New Guardian
With the day of the tournament drawing near, Goku seems oddly relaxed. That is, until the Royal Military tries to stop Cell with ordinary weapons! But the foolish troops have no idea what they're really up against and the attack quickly turns into a suicide mission. Listening to the news reports, Goku is horrified and determined to bring them back to life! But that would require... new Dragon Balls?!

Episode 158: Dende's Dragon
After a little help from King Kai, Goku searches for New Namek to recruit a new guardian for the Earth. But with their old home destroyed, the Nameks are still working hard to rebuild and most of them don't want to abandon their new home. Can Goku persuade Gohan's friend Dende to return with him and take on the job?

Episode 159: The Puzzle of General Tao
Goku's search for the Dragon Balls has led him straight to an old adversary - General Tao! Unless the Super Saiyan can solve the crafty villain's puzzle, his search just might come to an end!

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