Dragon Ball Z - Majin Buu - Revival [Edited] (Dub.VHS 71)

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Title: Dragon Ball Z - Majin Buu - Revival [Edited]
Volume: Dub.VHS 71
Running time: 60
Distributor: FUNimation Entertainment

Release date: 2002-02-12
Suggested retail price: $4.98
Age rating: nr

SKU: FN-03343
UPC: 704400033438 704400033438

Contains three episodes from the Majin Buu series. "Evil Lives On" (episode 223): Buu's scattered flesh regathers, regenerating Buu. Babidi has also narrowly survived an attack from Piccolo. Piccolo gives Trunks and Goten to Krillin to look after. Everyone wonders if Gohan is still alive, and if so, where? "Find the Dragon Balls" (episode 224): Bulma and the others collect Dragon Balls. Goku awakes and is healed by Dende. Buu and Babidi continue terrorizing, and Krillen takes Goten and Trunks to Kami's lookout. "Revival " (episode 225): Goku presents the idea of fusion and the crew decides to teach Goten and Trunks to fuse. Bulma summons the dragon and revives all the good people killed today. Goku transports everyone to Kami's lookout to be safe, but Bulma's parents decide to stay home.

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