Ultimate Muscle - Enter the dMp (Dub.VHS 2)

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Title: Ultimate Muscle - Enter the dMp
Volume: Dub.VHS 2
Running time: 60
Distributor: FUNimation Entertainment

Release date: 2004-02-24
Suggested retail price: $12.98
Age rating: nr

SKU: FN06873
UPC: 704400068737 704400068737

Contains 5 episodes!

Episode 105: Mask of Terror
Having passed the tests at the Hercules Factory, each member of the new generation Muscle League is sent to defend the Earth from the evil dMp. Kid Muscle runs into Dik Dik Van Dik, who becomes territorial of the area he is set to defend. This does not stop the Kid from attempts to follow a pretty girl, Roxanne, down the street!

Episode 106: Dial Up Danger
Kid Muscle is due to face off against the phone shaped Dial Bolic in this first wrestling match against these three members of dMp. Through sheer luck, Kid Muscle is quickly able to find Dial Bolic�s greatest weakness: frontal eye placement coupled with an inflexible square body render Dial Bolic peripherally deficient. However, Dial Bolic has other hypnotizing strengths...

Episode 107: Call Waiting
In a startling upset, Dial Bolic�s �Trauma Call� turns against him and he is forced to rely on other wrestling tactics. All the same, Kid Muscle is barely able to avoid strikes from Dial Bolic�s Shock Locks. Luckily, the reluctant hero uncovers a shocking surprise while wetting himself: Dial Bolic, as an electric wrestler, is allergic to water! Now, if Kid Muscle could only get Dial Bolic wet, he might gain a late advantage in this stunning match! Dial Bolic is defeated with the Kid�s Kinniku Buster.

Episode 108: Trouble Afoot
Kid Muscle is allowed one hour before his next face off with the next present member of dMp and grandson of Shocadile - Pumpinator. During this one hour break, Pumpinator would like to defeat some other member of the Hercules Factory. With the dMp having already defeated the top Graduate of Hercules Factory, Dik Dik Van Dik, Pumpinator will face the second Graduate, Wally Tusket...

Episode 109: Fury of the Scorned Shoe
It seems, thirty years ago, Schocadile had suffered a great defeat in a match against King Muscle. In a bitter childhood, this grandson of defeated Schocadile, Pumpinator, was harshly trained - mastering all techniques - to eventually fulfill the sole purpose of avenging his family's loss to the Kinniku family. In this match against Kid Muscle, Pumpinator intends to obtain his long sought revenge...

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