Pokémon: Black and White: Rival Destinies - Set 3 (Dub.DVD)

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Title: Pokémon: Black and White: Rival Destinies - Set 3
Volume: Dub.DVD
Running time: 540
Distributor: Viz Media

Release date: 2014-06-17
Suggested retail price: $26.95
Age rating: ALL

UPC: 782009243045 782009243045

The way to Icirrus City is fraught with excitement and at Twist Mountain, they fall right in the middle of another Team Rocket plot. In Icirrus City, Ash finds himself on thin ice fighting for his seventh Gym Badge - literally!

Then, Ash's quest for his eighth and final Gym Badge from Virbank City turns out to be a multimedia event. And everyone will face rivals old and new when their training is put to the ultimate test at the Pokemon World Tournament Junior Cup!

Contains episodes 25-49.

Spoken Languages: English.

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