D.N.Angel - The Dawn of Dark + Artbox (DVD 1 of 7)

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Title: D.N.Angel - The Dawn of Dark + Artbox
Volume: DVD 1 / 7
Running time: 100
Distributor: ADV Films

Release date: 2004-11-09
Suggested retail price: $39.98
Age rating: 13+

UPC: 702727088025 702727088025
ISBN-10: 1578139430 1578139430
ISBN-13: 9781578139439 9781578139439

Niwa Daisuke is your average teenager, until his fourteenth birthday. He tries to declare his love to the girl of his dreams but fails. Suddenly, whenever he thinks about this girl, he turns into the legendary phantom thief known as Dark Mousy. Daisuke's mother, very much aware of this, makes him turn into Dark and steal valuable works of art for a purpose unknown to Daisuke. As the story unfolds, he learns why and about his classmate who seems to have the same ability.

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