Basilisk (GN 2 of 5)

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Title: Basilisk
Volume: GN 2 / 5
Pages: 208
Distributor: Del Rey

Release date: 2005-08-30
Suggested retail price: $10.99
Age rating: 17+

ISBN-10: 0345482719 0345482719
ISBN-13: 9780345482716 9780345482716

The bloody battle to rule Japan has begun: the Iga and the Kouga clans are locked in a fight to the death. Driven by a centuries-old hatred, each clan will do anything to annihilate the other.

The Kouga clan is engaging in a little espionage: they've planted a shapeshifter, disguised as an Iga ninja, in the Iga palace. And the Iga clan turns to its last, best hope, their new leader, Oboro - the only one who can defeat the Kouga's formidable leader, Gennosuke. But is she willing to kill the man she loves? As the war grows more desperate, will true love be the next casualty?

Story and art by Masaki Segawa.

(added on 2005-02-25)

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