Battle Club (GN 3 of 5)

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Title: Battle Club
Volume: GN 3 / 5
Pages: 192
Distributor: Tokyopop

Release date: 2007-01-10
Suggested retail price: $9.99
Age rating: 17+

ISBN-10: 1598168436 1598168436
ISBN-13: 9781598168433 9781598168433

At the bottom of a massive ravine, Tamako plays a game of "cat and mouse" with a naughtly little, pixie-like girl. She holds the key to the sacred scroll and feels joy in tormenting Tamako. A monk keeps them company while admiring Tamako's "personal attributes." Meanwhile, Tondemon and Taki continue to relieve themselves in the bushes.

Story and art by Yuji Shiozaki.

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