Musician Voltaire Attended Anime Expo 2010

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Singer/songwriter impressed by convention's cosplayers

Cuban-American goth musician Aurelio Hernández, who performs under his middle name "Voltaire," noted in an interview with LA Weekly that he visited Anime Expo 2010 in Los Angeles, which was held from July 1 to 4. Hernández, who had been speaking about his performances in and around Comic-Con International over the years, said that he was impressed with the cosplay at Anime Expo, specifically the ratio of "people not wearing a costume" to those who were. Hernández expressed interest in performing at the show:

"I must admit, I wish I was performing."

Hernández is also a comics creator and a toy designer, and has performed at Comic-Con International and Dragon*Con, as well as the New York Anime Festival in 2007.

Plagued by early troubles with volunteer staff and exhibitors, Anime Expo 2010 reported a slight drop in turnstile attendance over the previous year, and did not announce the number of unique attendees. However, SPJA CEO Michael Lattanzio reported a 15% increase in the con's financial numbers and that attendees were "very, very happy" with the event. Anime Expo 2010's musical guests included Macross Frontier singers Megumi Nakajima and May'n, Black Lagoon opening singer MELL, Bleach rock group RSP, idol group AKB48, singer BENI, and rock band SOPHIA.

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