Arizona Restaurant's 'Anime-Style' Bus Ad Declined

posted on by Gia Manry
City department says ad conflicts with policies against violent, vulgar ads

The Phoenix Public Transportation Department (PPTD) has declined an "anime-style" ad from a restaurant called Stingray Sushi, saying that the ad contravened its policy not to display ads that depict violence or obscene language (including images). The ad features "Suzi Stingray," a mascot character wearing a short skirt and aiming two guns. Stingray Sushi says that it already paid for the ad and that a refund is not an option. The PPTD suggested the restaurant lengthen the character's skirt and holster her weapons.

Bryan Chittenden, co-owner of the restaurant, said that the staff "never thought [the ad] was going to be controversial at all." He noted that a similar Suzi Stingray ad was visible on a billboard in the area, and that the restaurant has not received any complaints about the ad's content. Chittenden also suggested that the PPTD was applying its guidelines in an inconsistent manner; the PPTD hs displayed advertisements for gun shows and violent movies.

Source: Fox Phoenix

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