Writer Addresses Issue of Adult Games in Oreimo Anime (Updated)

posted on 2010-10-05 15:22 EDT by Egan Loo
Hisashi Maeda expresses concern for makers' support of depiction of minor playing adult games

In a series of Twitter posts on Sunday and Monday, writer and author Hisashi Maeda (Steins;Gate: Onshū no Brownian Motion) noted to his surprise that the anime Oreimo is supported by many makers of adult erotic games in Japan. He added that the anime depicts a minor under 18 years old playing games that are restricted to people 18 years old or older. Maeda emphasized that he himself has no issue with this. He also emphasized that he does not side with regulation advocates who say that anime should not depict content that encourages "anti-social behavior."

However, Maeda said that he is concerned that works that depict what Oreimo does are an issue since they give adult game companies who support them no clear excuse. While the adult game industry as a whole advocates for self-regulation instead of government regulation, Maeda said that Oreimo demonstrates that the industry does not practice in reality what it says. He added that this will only provide more support for government regulation.

ANN is an Internet streaming licensee of Oreimo in North America.

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Image © Tsukasa Fushimi / ASCII MEDIA WORKS, OIP

Update: Maeda also opined that if the game makers are to be credited for providing the game packages seen in the anime, there should be a disclaimer either before or after the program. That way, the makers can demonstrate that "we do not endorse" the fictional depictions. Thanks, zalas.

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