2ch Forum's Saimoe Tournament 2010, Semifinals

posted on by Gia Manry
Hayate the Combat Butler!!'s Nagi, K-ON!!'s Azusa advance to finals

The Anime Saimoe Tournament is an annual poll in which users from Japan's 2channel message board vote on the most moe (preciously cute) female anime character. Any female character in a television anime, anime film, original video anime (OVA), or web anime released between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010 is eligible for the tournament. (The main exceptions are characters from 18+ anime, who are not eligible.) The eligible characters are placed in brackets, and the winner is determined by popular vote; the winner of each bracket progresses to the next until a final vote between two characters determines the winner. This year's Anime Saimoe Tournament began on August 3 and features nearly 300 characters.

Foreigners can technically participate in the tournament; English-language instructions on how to vote have been provided by an Anime Saimoe fan site.

The semifinals went as follows:

Semifinal 1 - 10/13

* Nagi Sanzenin - Hayate the Combat Butler!! - 1,228 (Winner)

Koromo Amae - Saki - The Player - 923

Semifinal 2 - 10/14

* Azusa Nakano - K-ON!! - 939 (Winner)

Nodoka Haramura - Saki - The Player - 769

The two winning characters will compete on October 16 for the 2010 championship. Nagi Sanzenin competed in the final round for the 2007 Saimoe tournament, but lost to When They Cry - Higurashi's Rika Furude by 22 votes.

ANN will report on the final results on October 16. Past reports on the 2010 tournament can be found as follows:

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