Daily Video (SFW): Sega's Toylets Urinal Game in Action

posted on by Andrew Osmond
Stone cherub demonstrates hands-free game at Digital Signage 2011

With the aid of a stone cherub, Sega demonstrates — in a video suitable for the workplace — its Toylets urinal game at this month's Digital Signage show in Chiba, Japan. The game uses microwaves, which hit the urine stream and are reflected, letting a sensor detect the speed of the stream.

"We think guys have experienced aiming at a variety of things when they go to the bathroom," said Hirotaka Machida of Sega's R&D division. "We think this is a completely new concept where they can play a game without using their hands or fingers."

The game (which was available for demonstation in Digital Signage's restrooms) is primarily intended for male bathrooms at eating and drinking establishments. It will go on sale in November with a planned price of 140,000 yen (about US$1,734) for the unit, and 10,000 yen (US$124) per game. Sega already installed trial versions in Tokyo last year.

Source: DigInfo News

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