Pixiv Art Site, Takashi Murakami's Studio Open Gallery

posted on 2011-07-16 17:30 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge
"pixiv Zingaro" to host artists from 3-million-member web community, Nakayoshi mag

The artist community website pixiv and Kaikai Kiki, the studio of modern artist Takashi Murakami, opened their joint "pixiv Zingaro" gallery at the Nakano Broadway mall in Tokyo on Thursday. The gallery will showcase illustrations, paintings, photos, fashion, woodwork, metalwork, and ceramics.

Kaikai Kiki already runs three existing galleries at Nakano Broadway, but the new gallery is inspired by the 3 million members whose art are hosted on the pixiv website. Kaikai Kiki opened a Hidari Zingaro gallery with a "pixikiki Analog Exhibit" section in Nakano Broadway in February, and "pixiv Zingaro" expands that exhibit into its own gallery.

The pixiv Zingaro gallery opened with "JH Kagaku-Ten," an exhibition of the Japanese artist who goes by the name "John Hathway." Next month, the gallery will host the artist collective Kai-You and a collection of 100 pieces of cover artwork from Kodansha's 56-year-old Nakayoshi shōjo anthology — the former home of Sailor Moon and Japan's oldest manga magazine that is still print.

Source: Anime! Anime Japan

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