Director: Live-Action Kite to Be in 2D With Real Stunts

posted on by Egan Loo
Shark Night 3D's David R. Ellis plans to use parkour-style free-running in action film

By Egan Loo

On Wednesday, the Australian entertainment news website Moviehole posted an interview with director David R. Ellis about his various projects, including the live-action film adaptation of Yasuomi Umetsu's Kite anime.

Even though he made his fame on such stereoscopic 3D films as The Final Destination sequel and Shark Night 3D, Ellis noted that his version of Kite "is gonna be 2D. There is certainly no reason for it to be in 3D. Basically I'm trying to create a world that is, in terms of a story, a lot like the Mad Max films and Road Warrior." He added that the action film will not have "super slow motion wire work stuff"; instead of "people are running upside down on ceilings" and similar elements that he criticized in other action films, he plans to use real stunt people with parkour-style free-running.

Ellis said in this interview that he is preparing to direct Kite in November, although the Film Business Asia website reported last week that shooting will begin in South Africa in January on a US$12-million budget. According to Film Business Asia, the South African production company Distant Horizon will reveal the film's cast at the American Film Market, which starts on Wednesday in California.

Media Blasters released the original Kite anime and its sequel Kite: Liberator in North America.

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