70,000+ Yen Needed to Get All K-ON! Film Ticket Bonuses

posted on by Egan Loo
US$920 minimum to get all variants of tickets with extras

An anonymous person calculated the minimum it would cost to get all the different advance tickets with all of their bonuses for next Saturday's K-ON anime film:

Item Price Variants Total
Exclusive key holder bundled with special advance ticket (5 variants*) 1,300 5 6,500
Eye mask bundled with special advance ticket (5 variants*) 1,300 5 6,500
Exclusive film commemorative tickets (5 tickets on one sheet) 6,500 1 6,500
Clear file bundled with advance ticket (5 variants*) 1,300 5 6,500
5-mask & super multi-cloth set bundled with advance ticket 5,775 1 5,775
T-shirt (packed inside a CD case), bundled with advance ticket 4,450 1 4,450
Original carabiner bundled with advance ticket (3 variants) 2,350 3 7,050
Toaster bundled with advance ticket 6,550 1 6,550
Yui hugging doll bundled with advance ticket 1,825 1 1,825
Kyoto Animation-illustrated advance ticket & panorama poster set 3,000 1 3,000
Nationwide advance ticket + rubber mascot strap (5 variants) 1,800 5 9,000
"Precious Memories" limited-edition card game pack bundled with advance ticket 1,800 1 1,800
Supikotto (mascot figurine with talking voice) bundled with advance ticket (Animate/Gamer variants) 2,035 2 4,070
Regular general-admission ticket (different design from the others) 1,300 1 1,300

Grand Total: 70,820 yen (about US$920)

The asterisked items have randomly distributed variants, so there is no guarantee that you can get all of the variants by paying just the minimum.

[Via Yaraon!]

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