Matsudo City Hands Out 'Moe Cards' for Crime Prevention

posted on by Crystalyn Hodgkins
120,000 cards to be printed about purse snatching, traffic safety, remittance fraud

The town of Matsudo in Chiba prefecture is working with its Urban Safety Conference and its Crime Prevention Association to make "moe cards" to advise its inhabitants on purse snatching prevention, traffic safety, and remittance fraud prevention.

The city will produce 30,000 purse snatching prevention and traffic safety cards, and it will produce 60,000 remittance fraud prevention cards. The cards will be distributed at Matsudo's city hall and other locales. Each of the three cards will feature a moe character that pixiv artist Nanaroku ("76") had previously designed for posters.

The city has been posting those posters to promote its crime prevention activities. The city hopes that the cards will not only appeal to the younger generation, but also, because the cards are the size of a normal business card, the city's goal is to also reach older generations as well.

Source: Sankei Sports

Image via Sankei Sports, photo by Ryūichi Eta

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