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Sakamichi no Apollon Anime's Cast, Characters Revealed

posted on by Egan Loo

The official website for MAPPA/Tezuka Productions' Sakamichi no Apollo television anime series revealed the anime's cast and characters on Friday:

Kaoru Nishimi (voiced by Ryohei Kimura)
A naive freshman who transfer to a provincial high school in Nagasaki Prefecture from Yokosuka. Thanks to his family's nearly constant cycle of moving from town to town, Kaoru has only known school as a difficult place for readjusting everytime. However, on his first day at this new school, he meets a boy with a mutual joy for jazz music. He plays the piano.

Sentarō Kawabuchi (Yoshimasa Hosoya)
A scruffy freshman who meets Koaru when he transfers into a new high school. He is feared in the neighborhood as a "notoriously bad" boy. He plays the drums.

Ritsuko Mukae (Yuuka Nanri)
A childhood friend of Sentarō and a classmate of Kaoru and the others. Her sunny and charming demeanor attracts customers to the Mukae Record store. The store's basement practice studio serves as the hangout for Sentarō, Kaoru, and the others.

Yurika Fukahori (Aya Endo)
A high school girl one grade above Kaoru, Sentarō, and Ritsuko. She got to know Kaoru and the others by chance after Sentarō came to her aid. She is a lively and curious daughter of a well-off family, and she is in the high school's art club.

Junichi Katsuragi (Junichi Suwabe)
A college student whose family has been close to Sentarō and Ritsuko since their childhood. He now goes to college in Tokyo, but he plays jazz with Sentarō and the others at Mukae Record when he goes home. He plays the trumpet.

Mukai (not pictured, Zenki Kitajima)

Seiji Matsuoka (not pictured, Nobuhiko Okamoto)

Shigetora Maruo (not pictured, Ayumu Murasae)

Mariko (not pictured, AKB48's Amina Satō)

This adaptation of Yūki Kodama's manga reunites Cowboy Bebop's director Shinichiro Watanabe (Macross Plus, The Animatrix's "Kid's Story," Samurai Champloo) and composer Yoko Kanno (Macross Plus/Frontier, Escaflowne, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex). Nobuteru Yuki (Record of Lodoss War, Escaflowne, Space Battleship Yamato 2199) is designing the characters, and Yoshimitsu Yamashita (Hyouge Mono, Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~) is the chief animation director at the studios MAPPA/Tezuka Productions. Ayako Katoh (Stitch!: Itazura Alien no Daibōken, Chihayafuru) and Yuuko Kakihara (Heaven's Lost Property, Persona 4 The Animation) are co-writing the scripts.

The series will premiere on Fuji TV's late-night Noitamina programming block in April.

Source: My Navi

Update: More cast members added.

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