Official Milky Holmes Dark Miso Sauce Announced

posted on 2012-03-09 03:44 EST by Ko Ransom
"Miso-ky Holmes" gag leads to collaboration with Nagoya miso company

Japanese card game maker and Tantei Opera Milky Holmes producer Bushiroad announced that they will release Milky Holmes-branded "Tsukete-miso Kakete-miso" miso (fermented soybean paste) condiment packages. Bushiroad will be collaborating with the Nagoya-based miso company Nakamo, the creators of the condiment, to make 200-gram packages of the product with one of four special stickers inside.

According to its creators, the idea for the product was first born in 2011 during the filming of Seiyuu Variety ー SAY!YOU!SAY!ME!, a variety program featuring voice actors that the Milky Holmes "seiyuu unit" was featured in. The program was locally broadcast on Nagoya's TV Aichi station, and in a section of the show, the unit, renamed to "Miso-ky Holmes," attempts to "Nagoya-ize Tokyo" by adding Nagoyan miso paste, a local specialty, to well-known Tokyo dishes such as taiyaki and monja-yaki.

The product will be sold in stores starting this spring for 600 yen (about US$7.50) a package and will be available for early purchase at the March 10 "Bushiroad Card Game Live 2012" event. The second season of the Milky Holmes anime, Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Dai-Ni-Maku is currently being broadcast on Japanese TV and is streaming on Niconico.

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